Dudley Hospital

DPH – Dudley Private Hospital

Orange – New South Wales – Australia

Dudley Private Hospital has existed since 1915 and serves the health needs of the Orange community and surrounding rural areas.
However, patients were admitted to the new HCA owned hospital from October 1979. This hospital provides 63 beds and all patients rooms are provided with full ensuite bathroom facilities.
The hospital has 3 Operating Theatres & 1 Procedure Room. Apart from general medical and surgical beds there are 7 licensed rehabilitation beds and a 13 bed mental health unit, known as the Dudley Clinic.
In 1990 Dr. Oscar Berlingeri (Pediatrician) and Dr. Pablo Barral Steiner (Intern Cardiologist) from Argentina, visited Dudley Hospital and participated into their professional activities such as a visit to the surgery room .
Their visit was part of a GSE program supported by Rotary Foundation and local Rotary Club.